2022 World Cup standings after Ecuador put Qatar on mute

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

ranking World Cup 2022 in Group A underwent a change after Ecuador beat Qatar in the first game on Sunday (11/20) night.

Ecuador managed to beat Qatar 2-0 in the inaugural match of the 2022 World Cup at Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor on Sunday night (20/11) WIB.

In this match, Ecuador immediately seemed to kick off in the opening minutes. In the third minute, Ecuador managed to shake the net after Enner Valencia scored a goal. Unfortunately, Valencia’s goal was disallowed by the referee as it was ruled offside.

In the 16th minute, a penalty was awarded after Qatar goalkeeper Saad Al Sheeb fouled Valencia in the penalty area. Valencia, as an executioner, fulfilled his duties perfectly. Ecuador won 1-0 against Qatar.

Valencia once again became a blight on the Qatari defense after scoring the second goal in the 32nd minute. This time, Valencia headed in after following Angelo Preciado’s bait.

The victory propelled Ecuador to the top of the Group A standings with a score of three points in one game.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

Meanwhile, that loss dropped Qatar to the bottom of Group A with zero points in one game.

In the next game on Friday (25/11), Qatar will face Senegal. While Ecuador will face the Netherlands.

World Cup 2022 standings

group A
1. 3 point equator
2. Senegal 0
3. Netherlands 0
4.Qatar 0

Group B
1. England 0
2. Iran 0
3. United States of America 0
4. Wales 0

Group C
1. Argentina 0
2. Saudi Arabia 0
3. Mexico 0
4. Poland 0

Group D
1.France 0
2. Australia 0
3. Denmark 0
4. Tunisia 0

Group E
1. Spain 0
2. Costa Rica 0
3. Germany 0
4. Japan 0

Group F
1. Belgium 0
2. Canada 0
3. Morocco 0
4. Croatia 0

Group G
1. Brazil 0
2. Serbia 0
3. Switzerland 0
4. Cameroon 0

Group H
1.Portugal 0
2.Ghana 0
3.Uruguay 0
4. South Korea 0


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