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SWIMMER beautiful Summer McIntosh was the youngest member of the Canadian team for the 2020 Summer Olympics to finish fourth. The following year, Summer McIntosh became the youngest world champion in over a decade.

He also became the first Canadian athlete to win two gold medals at the World Championships in singles. Thanks to his exploits, he is now nicknamed the “Teen Swimming Sensation”.

Along with her brilliant achievements, Summer McIntosh’s beautiful face has also caught the eye. It is not uncommon for her to look fashionable and charming on a daily basis. Here are 6 portraits, as MNC Portal summarized from Instagram @summerrmcintosh.

Lovely sweet smile

Summer McIntosh has a sweet but charming smile. You can see it clearly in this single portrait. McIntosh looked so beautiful in a floral print blouse. Her hair in two ponytails adds an adorable cute impression. Supported by strong sunshine, the charm of McIntosh’s beauty looks radiant!

sexy swimwear

Summer McIntosh

While swimming, Summer McIntosh certainly adjusts her outfit. She chose a neon green strappy swimsuit with a backless design that looked sexy. Of course, her fantastic body goals are clearly visible on camera, and her flawless skin is no exception.

Her sexy aura exploded even more when Summer McIntosh cast her killer looks on camera. Plus, taking this photo tilted from behind showcases her toned buttocks. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” isa***** wrote.

Effortless Beauty

Summer McIntosh

Summer McIntosh is absolutely gorgeous. From every angle of the photo, her charm radiates perfectly. A pointed nose, a pointed chin and a pointed jaw, McIntosh has a very handsome face. Supported by his athletic body goals, McIntosh’s charm is even more mesmerizing!

surfer girl

Summer McIntosh

Summer McIntosh deserves to be called a teen sensation. Not only good at swimming, he is also good at playing surfboards. Of course, his charm shone even more, moreover McIntosh threw his sweet smile wide. This girl born on August 18, 2006 has a unique charm!

A wink poses coquettishly

Summer McIntosh

Here is a portrait of Summer McIntosh showing her action in the pool. Yes, even without makeup, her face is still charming. The winking eye pose while smiling also makes it adorable. Summer McIntosh sure knows how to grab the audience’s attention. “That smile,” kay**** wrote. “Honey,” kim**** wrote.

selfie pose

Summer McIntosh

Summer McIntosh is indeed quite narcissistic on Instagram. In the car, he took the time to pose for selfies. McIntosh looks like he’s showing off his beautiful curly hair.

Yes, that adds to its charm. In addition, her face was made up with natural makeup. Even though the photos look blurry, McIntosh is still adorable!

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