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CANADA – Lecturer at Carleton University in Ottawa and expert on the role of the monarchy, says Philippe Lagasse, citizen support for the monarchy is declining.

“Even in Canada, an English-speaking country, support for the monarchy is decreasing year by year,” said Philippe Lagasse, quoted by VOA Indonesia, Saturday (10/9/2022).

According to a poll last April, a small majority of Canadians – rising to 71% in the French-speaking province of Quebec – even want to renounce the monarchy, whose role is now largely ceremonial.

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Then no less than 67% said they opposed Charles’ rise to become King of England. His visit to Canada last May went almost unnoticed.

Meanwhile, University of Quebec politics professor March Chevrier said to follow in the footsteps of Barbados, which in 2021 voted to secede from the British Empire and become a republic, Canada must carry out major reforms of its constitutional institutions and laws. .

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“Founding principle of Canada in the States of 1867, the Kingdom is the basis of all constitutional law,” explained Chevrier.

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For example, he noted that “the office of prime minister is not even written into the Canadian constitution, which only mentions a kingdom,” he continued.

Changing the constitution and abolishing the monarchy would require titanic effort and possibly years of political negotiations, as it would require the unanimous approval of Parliament as well as the governments of Canada’s ten provinces.

Such debates are likely to intensify in a country that is increasingly divided politically.

“So any royal symbolism can be targeted with the aim of further removing ties to the British monarchy. Targets are for example Canadian $20 coins and banknotes with an image of Queen Elizabeth II’s face,” said Philippe Lagasse.

Certain protocols must also be modified, in particular the oath of citizenship. New Canadian citizens are required to take an oath of “loyalty to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, to her heirs and successors”.

The oath was unsuccessfully challenged in court in 2014 by three immigrants who argued the oath violated their religious beliefs and conscience. For Canada’s increasingly diverse and multicultural population, which also reflects on its colonial history, the relationship to the British Empire seems increasingly irrelevant.

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