An emotional moment for the 2022 World Cup, the portrait of Achraf Hakimi hugging his mother in the stands

Even young Achraf was very interested in football as evidenced by his attendance at training at a local club, Deportivo Colonia de Ofigevi.

He also looks very serious training with the local club. In fact, Achraf dared to take his first step in a football tournament.

Being too serious in the world of football caused Achraf to abandon his academic background. He also considered himself more of a footballer than a student.

Ashraf’s parents initially did not approve of this development. However, they soon reconciled and accepted the fact that football is Achraf’s goal and soul.

Even though his blessing was hampered, Ashraf also proved that he could make his parents proud, even if it was not in the academic realm.

At the height of his training with Deportivo Colonia de Ofigevi, Achraf was a very promising footballer.

With above-average abilities, 8-year-old Achraf was lured into Real Madrid’s academy. Again and again, Achraf proved his prowess which earned him promotion to the senior team.

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