Anies Baswedan, a leader who can make Indonesia an authority in the eyes of the international world

This was conveyed by the director of the Movement for Change, Muslim Arbi, in response to President Jokowi’s failure to organize the G20 summit on various issues, both the question of Russian-Ukrainian peace, and the fact that he did not consider Jokowi because Chinese President Xi Jinping berated Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Based on the results of the G20 summit, Indonesia managed to go into debt by 314 trillion rupees. Is it because it was considered only a debtor that Jokowi was not considered And only as an international burden? said muslim to RMOL Political News AgencyMonday (21/11).

In fact, according to Muslim, the photo op with the G20 Heads of State was not done as was customary at the previous G20, as Jokowi was only seen as the organizer of the event ( EO) of the G20 summit.

“Compared to Jokowi, who was only the EO at the top, Anies Baswedan, who was predicted as a presidential candidate by Nasdem, was given the stage as a speaker by Bloomberg and offered a job at the United Nations by Joe Biden,” he said.

“Even though Anies was sacked as a minister by Jokowi and succeeded as governor of DKI and was dubbed as the governor of Indonesia. Anies is more appreciated by the world than Jokowi even though he is in the presidency of the G20,” Muslim said.

For this reason, Muslims regard Anies as a leader who will bring Indonesia to dignity, unlike the current Jokowi regime.

“Anies has a great chance to lead Indonesia in the future so that Indonesia is authoritative and respected by the world. Not like now,” concluded Muslim.

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