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Tetra Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit 3 Gallons, Half-Moon Fish Tank With Color-Changing Light Disc

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  • AQUARIUM KIT: Half-moon-shaped aquarium kit is perfect for betta fish
  • COLORFUL: Bubbling disc automatically cycles through a rainbow of LED light colors
  • INCLUDES FILTER: Includes air pump-driven Tetra Whisper Internal Power Filter to keep your tank clean
  • WITH AIR PUMP: Drives both the bubbling disc and the filter
  • CONVENIENT: Clear canopy has a hole for easy feeding ; This aquarium is appropriate for keeping one goldfish or up to three community tropical fish.

Marina LED Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallon, (15251A1)

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  • 5 gallon glass aquarium starter kit
  • Comes with everything needed for your first fish tank
  • Use our Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner to make tap water safe for fish
  • Marina's Slim S20 clip-on aquarium filter keeps your water clear and uses quick-change filter cartridges
  • Long-lasting, natural daylight effect LED aquarium lighting module is incorporated into the fish tank's canopy

Marineland Contour 3 aquarium Kit 3 Gallons, Rounded Glass Corners, Includes LED Lighting

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  • SLEEK DESIGN: Rounded corners and clear glass canopy allow viewing from multiple angles.
  • DAYLIGHT/MOONLIGHT SETTINGS: Bright white LEDs create a shimmering sunlight effect; blue LEDs produce a moonlit glow.
  • HIDDEN FILTRATION: Advanced, three-stage filtration is out of sight to enhance aquarium viewing.
  • EASY ACCESS: Hinged LED rail light and sliding glass canopy.
  • DIMENSIONS: The Marineland Contour 3 Aquarium measures 9.5 inch x 10 x 10 . }

LAQUAL Ultra Clear Small Fish Tank with Filter & Light (3 Gal), Rimless Glass Low Iron Aquarium Starter Kit, Beta Fish Tank & Filter with Surface Skimmer & 3-Mode LED Light

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  • 【Ultra-clear Fish Tank, The Most Realistic Scene】LAQUAL rimless fish tank is made of low iron glass, ultra-clear & high transmittance. It has a lower refractive index than normal glass, so it has a higher light transmission rate. The real scene in the fish tank will enter your eyes. 5 mm thick fish tank is strong and durable. The glass edge is made of German Wacker glue, which is smooth to touch. It is a perfect helper for you to really enjoy the beautiful fish tank scenery.
  • 【3 Mode Light, Beautiful & Waterproof】 The aquarium lights offer 3 modes for an ideal lighting effect. BEST-VISION-MODE (white and blue lights on). NIGHT-MODE (only blue lights on). PLANT-MODE (all the lights on to provide almost natural light for plants to grow). Each light mode has 5 brightness levels (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%). 3 time settings (3h, 6h, 12h). With acrylic housing and silicone seal, our aquarium light is waterproof.
  • 【Adjustable Filter with Surface Skimmer】 Water purity is essential for fish. Our aquarium starter kit comes with an efficient hang-on-back filter. The unique surface skimmer can effectively remove the scum not only from inside water, but also on the water surface. The small waterfall also produces more oxygen. It saves you the money for another oxygen bar. TIP: If you are keeping beta fish, we recommend lowering the flow rate of the filter.
  • 【Package Includes】 LAQUAL aquarium starter kit includes 1 * 3 gal ultra-clear fish tank, 1 * aquarium filter with surface skimmer & 1 * LED light. Everything you need is ready to go. Go ahead and start your journey to become a fish expert.
  • 【90 Days Money Back, 1 Year Free Replacement】LAQUAL is committed to providing our customers with high-quality aquarium starter kits. And we ensure your satisfaction. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us, we are always ready to solve your problem. If you are not delighted with it, we will give you a 100% refund for no reason.

Tetra Aquarium Kit, 1 Gallon Hexagon Shaped Fish Tank, Includes LED Colour Changing Bubbling Effect

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  • The LED bubbler colors include Red, green, blue, and everything in between
  • Includes: Tetra air pump, Tetra Internal filter, small filter cartridge, 3 LED airstone, airline tubing and airline connector valve
  • Hexagon shaped tank with clear lid and feeding hole
  • Capacity 1 gallon, general rule for tank size is one inch of fish per gallon

Tetra 1.5 Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Filter, Multi, 29138

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  • AQUARIUM KIT: 1.5-gallon, cube-shaped complete aquarium kit perfect for one betta fish or two small tropical fish; features LED lights to highlight your fish.
  • IDEAL BEGINNER TANK: The complete kit makes aquarium setup easy (fish, gravel and plants not included).
  • INCLUDES FILTER: Includes Tetra Whisper Power Filter to keep your tank clean.
  • CONVENIENT: Clear canopy has a hole for easy feeding.
  • DIMENSIONS: This Tetra LED Aquarium Kit measures 7.25 inches long by 8.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches high.

LEGO 31122 L'aquarium - Nouveau.

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  • The Fish Tank toy includes 5 different colorful fish, a submarine, some coral and an aquatic plant so kids can stage their own fun stories.
  • Kids can enjoy 3 times the fun with this brilliant LEGO Creator 3in1 Fish Tank (31122) playset featuring 3 models in 1 – a toy Fish Tank, easel and treasure chest.
  • The Fish Tank toy measures over 5 in. (13 cm) high, 8 in. (22 cm) long and 4 in. (11 cm) deep – the perfect size to play with at home or proudly display in a bedroom.
  • Ages 8+

hygger Advanced Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with 24/7 Lighting Cycle 6 Colors 5 Intensity Customize Fish Tank Light for 24-30 in Freshwater Planted Tank with Timer

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  • 【Premium 5050 & RGB LED Bulbs 】hygger 978 Aquarium led Light features a super-bright 6500K white LEDs paired with the full-spectrum RGB LEDs to emit bright light to bring out the colors of your fish and plant. Ideal for used in fish-only tank and planted tank
  • 【24/7 Light Cycle】This 24/7 fish tank light replicates the natural living conditions, starting with warm orange light at sunrise to bright full spectrum light at noon and starry blue light at the last 30 minutes, default light auto on at 6 AM and auto off at 22:50
  • 【Customizable Lighting Colors and Intensities】LED Aquarium Lighting features 7 customizable lighting colors (full spectrum, red, blue, green, orange, purple and cyan) and 5 levels of intensities (10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). By using different effects and colors you can create a spectacular atmosphere that really showcases the fish and creates a beautiful addition to any room
  • 【Easy Programming】The model is fully controllable using switch timer. You can easily choose the color and brightness you want to display by clicking second and thrid button, set lighting time to 6 hours, 10 hours or 12 hours by clicking first button. Click fourth button to 24/7 mode
  • 【For 24-30 IN Tank】The 24“ freshwater aquarium light contains (57) 6500K White, (22) 450-455nm Blue, (7) 620-625nm Red, (4) 520-525nm Green, (23) RGB LED's. 1583 lumens. 6500K. This system has adjustable mounting legs which can be used in aquariums with widths between 24 and 30 inches

hygger ETL Certification Aquarium Heater, 50W/100W/200W/300W Submersible Fish Tank Thermostat Heater with Adjust Knob Suction Cup for Small Betta Coral Saltwater and Freshwater

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Size100W for up to 30 gallon

Marina iGlo Fluorescent Aquarium Gravel - Galaxy - 2 kg (4 lbs)

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  • Fluorescent aquarium gravel
  • Dust-free
  • Safe and non toxic
  • Glows under blue light
  • Galaxy; 2 kg (4 lb)

12 Pack Aquarium Aquatic Fish Tank Decorations Decor Set with Wood Cave, Tree Trunk Barrel Hideouts, Artificial Plastic Plants and Starfish Resin Ornament Fish Aquarium Accessories (Pink-Gift Box)

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  • VARIETY-12Pack: There are 100% NATURAL RESIN MATERIAL tree trunk(one pack) and broken barrel(one pack), 1 blue starfish and 9 simulation plastic plants (including small, tall, different colors and different types)
  • SAFE: Made of 100% safe material for all products, no special odor, do not affect the water quality in the tank. The artificial plastic plants are soft enough for fishes to shuttle back and forth, what a amusement park for them.
  • EASY to MATCH: To save your time, we have built up a basic pattern which makes it easier for the newer to have a beautiful fish tank decoration. And there will be different styles which you can try on yourself. More interesting and joyful.
  • SUPER SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Simply wipe down and rinse off the tree trunk, barrel and starfish with fresh water when you are cleaning out your fish tank. For the plastic plants, put them all in a basin full of water and stir till the garbage is empty.
  • SIZE: Starfishe-3.15in x 3.15in x 0.78in, barrel-3.54in x 1.9in x1.9in, Tree trunk- 6in x 3.9in x 3.15in, 4 plastic plants -3.15 in, 4 plastic plants- 4.7in, 1 plastic plant-8.6in

Penn-Plax Quick Aquarium Net

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  • The Quick Net Aquarium Net is a great tool for catching your fish when routine tank maintenance is necessary
  • Measures 3.375-Inch D x .250-Inch W x 12.250-Inch H
  • Features a vinyl covered handle for added strength and length

NICREW Aquarium Internal Filter, Submersible Power Filter with Multiple Function, Aeration System with Sponge Filter for Fish Tanks Up to 20 Gallon, 100 GPH, 7W

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  • Provides effective and thorough biological and chemical filtration, creating superior aquarium water environment
  • Activated carbon and fine filter foam trap debris and fish waste, absorb odors
  • Enable to generate abundant air bubbles and water flow, optimal for oxygen supplement and water circulation of aquarium
  • Equipped with adjustable air regulator that distributes a gentle flow of water, making it safe for delicate fish or shrimp
  • Quickly assembles and disassembles, comes with four suction cups for secure in-tank installation, suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks

Fluval M 50-Watt Submersible Heater

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  • Built in reflective technology mirrors the surrounding colors, making the heater blend into your aquarium environment
  • Shock resistant Borosilicate glass; High density ceramic heat sick
  • Slim profile tube for easy placement; Easy to install
  • Exceptional performance and unsurpassed reliability
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 15 gallons; 50 watts

HIRALIY Aquarium Air Pump, Fish Tank Air Pump with Dual Outlet Adjustable Air Valve, Ultra Silent Oxygen Fish Tank Bubbler with Air Stones Silicone Tube Check Valves Up to 80 Gallon Tank

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  • [Aquarium Air Pump with Dual Outlets] Designed as dual outlets' fish tank pump (3 watt power), 2 pieces 6.6 ft silicone tubing provided for easy to insert multiple fish tanks or aquariums through the double outlets, widely suitable for freshwater and marine aquarium fish tank
  • [Adjustable Flow Rate Suitable for 1-80 Gallon Tank]: Adjust manually flow rate of HIRALIY air pump aquarium to different size of fish tanks, ensures your fish thrive in the oxygen-rich environment. The best specifications tanks for home or office applications are between 1 to 60 gallons, and the maximum volume of tank able to 80 gallons
  • [Ultra Quiet Fish Bubbler Minimum 20dB]: Built-in full copper motor and thin piezoelectric ceramic plate, more effectively reducing the noise than traditional fish tank bubbler when working. Minimum 20dB (sound like rusting leaves, ticking watch) in lowest flow rate
  • [Shockproof & Stable Performance]: With 4 anti-vibration rubber feets, ensures to absorb and reduce the noise generated by the friction. For better noise reduction, It is recommended to put a towel or blanket under the fish air pump
  • [Complete Aquarium Pump Accessories]: 2 x 6.6 ft (2m) silicone tubing for cutting; 4 x air stone for more oxygen; 2 x return valve for prevent back siphoning; 2 x suction cups for prevent silicone tube fly all over the fish tank; 1 x HIRALIY aquarium air pump; 1 x blue warranty card; 1 x user manual

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