BMH-Youth Hidayatullah synergy to develop the minds and skills of young people

The BMH-Pemuda Hidayatullah Leadership Training Center (LTC) was held nationwide.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Laznas BMH also cares about young people. Among other things, this has been implemented in the BMH program in collaboration with Pemuda Hidayatullah. The latest synergy is manifested in the “Leadership Training Center” (LTC) program which focuses on building the minds and skills of young people.

“BMH really cares about young people. After all, the future of the people, the nation and the country rests with the young people. For this reason, BMH very much appreciates the work of Pemuda Hidayatullah in this LTC program,” explained the director president. de Laznas BMH, Supendi, Sunday (28/8/2022).

LTC will be held all over Indonesia, August 26-28, 2022. “This LTC program is nationwide. Jakarta started this program with Ternate. also focus on improving their skills,” continued Central Executive (PP) General Secretary Pemuda Hidayatullah, Mazlis B Mustafa in a statement received, Sunday (28/8/2022).

The LTC Jakarta event was held at the Hidayatullah Da’wah Center Building with a total of 95 young participants. The best participants were Hasman, Handoko Wibowo and Siti Yeni Barkah.

One of the flagship programs of this LTC is the “Sakotulis” program, i.e. a city/district with an author. Hasman was chosen as Sakotulis ambassador for Jakarta.

“It is amazing that LTC Pemuda Hidayatullah is supported by BMH. We not only receive current training but also ongoing coaching. One thing that I really appreciate is literacy,” he said. with joy.

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