Get to know the Pendet dance that will welcome the G20 summit delegation

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta Indonesia is the host of the Summit activities of the Summit or G20 Summit which will take place in Bali on November 15-16, 2022. As host, Bali has made preparations, including welcoming country delegates with the Pendet dance.

Secretary of the Ministry of State Secretariat Setya Utama said G20 Summit delegates would be greeted with the Pendet dance, which is a traditional Balinese dance upon arrival at the airport before being escorted to their respective hotels. “There were heads of delegation who arrived on November 13, there are those who arrived on November 14. Electric vehicles will deliver to their respective hotels to prepare to start this event,” he said in his statement, Friday, November 11, 2022.

Pendet dance is one of the most popular traditional Balinese dances. This dance includes sacred dances which are danced as offerings by Hindus during prayer.

The pendet dance itself has the meaning of expression of gratitude, respect and welcome to the gods who descend to earth in Hindu prayer ceremonies. Moreover, another meaning of the Pendet dance is the worship of the gods who live in the temple during the ceremony.

The pendet dance is usually performed in the temple courtyard or in the central courtyard. Having been developed by dance masters, Pendet dance sense has also developed from Initially only as a form of worship, it became a dance of entertainment. The Pendet dance is now also widely practiced to greet guests as a welcome dance.

as a wealth Culturethe Pendet dance has also designated as intangible cultural heritage. This determination was made in 2010 according to the Heritage and Cultural Diplomacy Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The designation aims to preserve and protect original Indonesian arts.

In the show, the Penet Dance is performed en masse by female dancers and led by a priest or ceremonial leader. This dance is also accompanied by gamelan music and gongs. Each dancer carries a cymbal or a bowl containing a jug, a container for holy water, flowers, etc.

By presenting it hanging dance for the delegates of the G20 summit, it is hoped that Indonesian culture will also be increasingly recognized by the world.


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