Jokowi’s innovation in technology increases the digital competence of the young generation

Fredy Leiwakabessy, a professor at the University of Pattimura, said Indonesia’s human resources have great potential to continue improving. This condition was taken advantage of during the time of Jokowi’s leadership.

“Pak Jokowi’s thinking is far ahead. We can see how Indonesia Gold 2045’s vision is where our (independence) era has entered 100 years from now,” said Fredy of Pattimura University in Ambon, Maluku. , Friday (9/9).

According to him, the various policies that have been launched are capable of accelerating the creation of young, innovative and competitive talent. Mainly, he added, the increase in the digital sector.

He said Jokowi’s decision to boost the preparation of a competitive young generation had become a visionary step. Especially with the aim of accelerating the nation towards Indonesia’s golden age in 2045.

“We need to be able to prepare the younger generation to master science, information and digital to be competitive in local, national and even global markets,” Fredy said.

Because he considers competitive human resources as a benchmark for the progress of a nation. So that later it can have a strong competitiveness from the national level to the global level so that it has a positive impact on economic growth.

“Competitiveness is an important indicator for global economic development,” Fredy said in closing.

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