Mother’s love forever! This Woman Is Desperate To Fight A Tiger To Save Her Baby From Being Swallowed By The King Of The Jungle

The woman, later identified as Archana Choudhary, alleged that she took her son Raviraj to a field to use the bathroom when the tiger attacked him and grabbed him by the jaw.

The tiger attacks Archana as she tries to save her son.

Choudhary says he never stopped trying to save his son.

He also kept shouting for help until some villagers finally arrived.

The villagers chased the carnivore, which eventually abandoned the boy as he disappeared into the forest.

Remove splashes

Choudhary’s husband, Bhola Prasad, said his wife had injuries to her waist, hands and back, and their son had head and back injuries.

After the attack, the woman and her son were immediately taken to a health center in Manpur and then referred to Umaria district hospital for further treatment, ranger Ram Singh Marko said.

He said a Forest Department team was trying to track down the tiger that attacked the cub and its mother.

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Umaria Police Chief Sanjeev Shrivastava met the woman and her son at the district hospital.

He said the two were referred to a hospital in Jabalpur for further treatment.

District officials said they are trying to find the tiger and will take steps to ensure the safety of people living in the forest area. The collector also said he would meet with forest department officials to ensure the safety of villagers in the forest areas. ***

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