Must know! This is the danger of BPA plastic packaging for pregnant women and children


Plastic packaging containing bisphenol A (BPA) compounds is considered harmful to pregnant women. Pediatrician and member of the Indonesian Association of Pediatricians (IDAI) Irfan Dzakir Nugroho said that BPA contamination in pregnant women can disrupt endocrine work and mimic the hormone estrogen.

Additionally, he said BPA can affect adult productivity and cause disruptions during pregnancy and childbirth.

“During adulthood or productive age, BPA can affect productivity, cause disruptions during pregnancy and childbirth, including causing obesity and several metabolic diseases,” he said in a written press release, Wednesday (31/8/2022).

The effects of BPA harm not only pregnant women, but also children, especially those who consume breast milk from mothers exposed to BPA contamination. Irfan mentions several disorders that can occur in children, including growth disorders, depressive behavior, anxiety and hyperactivity.

“The US National Toxicology Program, in a report published in 2008, found brain, behavioral and prostate effects in fetuses, infants and children due to exposure to placental BPA, breast milk, to bottle-feeding and food or drinks that have been contaminated with BPA,” he explained.

The dangers of BPA compounds are also of concern to the World Health Organization (WHO). We know that several years ago, the WHO invited 30 experts from Canada, Europe and the United States to a discussion forum. In the forum it was concluded that BPA has a negative effect on health.

“Various studies have proven that even at low levels, BPA can have negative health effects. Among them, it can trigger breast cancer, obesity, early puberty, impotence and other problems. of health”, writes the WHO in its report.

According to the WHO, national experts and the Association of Indonesian Doctors (IDI) have also discussed the dangers of BPA compounds.

“BPA may resemble the hormone estrogen. It is strongly suspected that it may trigger breast cancer,” Indonesian Cancer Foundation President Aru Wisaksono Sudoyo said.


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