PLN presents SPKLU in Palangka Raya, the first in Central Kalimantan

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PT PLN Main Unit for South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan (PLN UIW Kalselteng) showcases the first Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU) in its region. An electric car charging unit has been installed in the city of Palangka Raya.

The information was relayed directly by PLN Senior Director of Trade and Client Management Kalselteng Samuji. He also hopes SPKLU’s presence can spark people’s interest in switching to electric cars.

“SPKLU in the City” Palangka Raya This is the first electric car charging station built by PLN in the central province of Kalimantan,” he said as quoted by Antara. from the news site Between today, Sunday August 7, 2022.

“The launch of this public electric vehicle charging station is also a supportive facility and provides convenience for consumers who have electric cars,” Samuji added.

He further said that the SPKLU in Palangka Raya was deliberately constructed in order to support the Presidential regulation regarding the acceleration of the electric vehicle program. In addition, PLN also wants to play a role in reducing carbon emissions in Indonesia.

“It also provides options for people who want to switch from fuel oil to electric fuel. The use of electric vehicles is very effective in reducing air pollution from the use of fossil fuels,” he said. .

The construction of SPKLU in Palangka Raya was also appreciated by the expert staff for Government, Law and Policy of the Provincial Government of Central Kalimantan, Herson B Aden. He thanked PLN for being Palangka Raya as the first site to have SPKLU in Central Kalimantan Province.

“Hopefully SPKLU will also be in Sampit, Kapuas, Pulang Pisau. So on our way from Palangka Raya-Banjarmasin, Palangka Raya-Sampit, Sampit-Pangkalan Bun, we can use electric vehicles,” he said.

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