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Jakarta (ANTARA) –

Ferdy Sambo, suspect in the premeditated murder of Brigadier J and obstruction of justice seen leaving the Bareskrim Polri health ward at 10:05 a.m. WIB.

Ferdy Sambo’s arrival at Bareskrim Polri was detected by the arrival of two Brimob Tactical Vehicles which arrived at Bareskrim Polri around 09:43 WIB.

After being found, members of the mobile brigade appeared to be on duty in the Bareskrim Polri medical examination room and asked journalists not to be in the area.

Shortly after, Ferdy Sambo and his wife, Putri Candrawathi appeared, leaving the medical examination room at 10:05 a.m. WIB for the Bareskrim Polri elevator.

Today, Bareskrim Polri investigators are to hand over Phase II suspects and evidence to the Public Prosecutor (JPU).

Head of Police Public Relations Division Inspector General Pol. Dedi Prasetyo said the suspects and evidence would be on public display during the handover.

“Yes, with the evidence,” Dedi said.

Dedi also said the agenda for the surrender of the 11 suspects was brought forward to 11:00 a.m. WIB.

“At 11 a.m., enforcement will continue. Departure from Bareskrim to Kajagung to hand over suspects and evidence,” Dedi said.

As known, Ferdy Sambo has been detained since the suspect was detained at the Mobile Squad Police Headquarters Detention Center.

Met later, Ferdy Sambo’s lawyer, Arman Hanis, said his client had been taken from Mako Brimob to Bareskrim Polri.

He also indicated that his client had undergone a medical examination before being transferred to the prosecution.

“Yes, he wants to go with him, he said the delegation was in Bareskrim,” said Arman Hanis.

Bharada E’s lawyer Ronny Talapesy gave a statement to reporters at Bareskrim Polri on Tuesday (4/10/2022). (ANTARA/Laily Rahmawaty)

Ready for trial

Bharada’s attorney, Richard Eliezer or Bharada E, Ronny Berty Talapesy, said his client was ready to stand trial after Bareskrim Polri’s Phase II investigators were delegated to the Public Prosecutor (JPU) of the Indonesian Prosecutor’s Office.

“Bharada E’s condition is ready for trial,” Ronny told ANTARA upon his confirmation in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The day before the surrender on Tuesday (4/10), Bharada E, along with another suspect in the premeditated murder case, Brigadier J, underwent a medical examination. In addition, Bharada E also received psychological support.

“Along with psychological counseling, this is also part of trial preparation,” Ronny said.

According to Ronny, his client is in good health and remains consistent with his testimony until later in court.

“Bharada E’s condition has been constant so far, there has been no change since I accompanied him,” Ronny said.

Meanwhile, regarding Bharada E’s status as a perpetrator witness (collaborator of justice), Ronny said his party had coordinated with the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) regarding the surrender mechanism. from Bharada E from Bareskrim Polri Investigators to the Prosecutor (JPU), including later in the trial, whether the mechanism is presented in person in court or online.

“We have (coordinated) with the LPSK. We will present the trial case to the panel of judges. In principle, we are ready (for the trial),” Ronny said.

In addition to facing a criminal trial, Bharada E is also facing a civil lawsuit filed by his former legal advisor Deolipa Yumara for the revocation of Bharada E’s power of attorney to Deolipa Yumara.

According to Ronny, he is focused on helping Bharada E to face a criminal trial. The investigation of civil suits is delegated to the designated legal counsel.

“For the civil suit, my colleague represented me,” Ronny said.

The trial of Rs 15 Billion Civil Lawsuit against Cancellation of Power of Attorney of Bharada E against Deolipa Yumara was held again today at South Jakarta District Court with a mediation program.

This afternoon, Bareskrim Polri investigators handed over phase II of the handover of the suspect and evidence of the crime of premeditated murder (article 340 of the penal code) to Brigadier J and obstruction of justice at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia.

Head of Police Public Relations Division Inspector General Pol. Dedi Prasetyo said the implementation of the Phase II transfer was carried out in the Bareskrim Polri hall at 13:00 WIB.

“For the implementation of phase II delegation, the suspects were handed over at 1:00 p.m. to the Bareskrim lobby,” Dedi said.

Investigators have already submitted the initial evidence to the South Jakarta District Prosecutor and carried out verification, as the number of evidence amounted to seven containers.

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