Putin asks Russian citizens to return home and admits mistakes in military service in Ukraine

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Russian President Vladimir Cheese fries declared that he would correct the mistakes in his partial mobilization to Ukraine. This is his first public recognition of conscription in Russia announced last week did not go smoothly. “In this mobilization, many questions arise. All mistakes must be corrected and prevented from happening again in the future,” Putin said.

“For example, I’m thinking of fathers who have a lot of children, or people who suffer from chronic illnesses, or those who are past the age of military service,” Putin said. “Come home when you’ve been recruited.”

The conscription program for Russian citizens in Ukraine has been criticized by authorities and the public. There was a wave of mass exodus from Russia to neighboring countries as a result of this military service. There are many complaints about registration agents sending invitations to people who do not qualify.

Thousands of people fled Russia to avoid conscription. Those who come from Russia mainly have military experience and the required specialization. Recruitment is often done without considering individual service records, health, student status or even age.

Some 2,000 people were arrested in frowned upon anti-war protests in more than 30 cities and towns. Some of them were summoned, which the Kremlin says is legal.

Russia’s September 21 announcement of its first public mobilization since World War II drew criticism even from Kremlin supporters. The criticism is almost unheard of in Russia since troops were sent to Ukraine seven months ago.

“They make people angry, as if on purpose or out of spite they were sent from Kyiv,” Russian news channel Russia Today editor Margarita Simonyan said on Saturday.

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov acknowledged that there were errors in some of the calls. Peskov said the error was being corrected by regional governors and the Defense Ministry.

Putin in particular refrained from blaming the ministry, led by his close ally Sergei Shoigu, or regional officials who decide who receives the summons. Shoigu said last week that Russia expects to recruit only 300,000 people. The Kremlin later denied that Putin’s military mobilization was aimed at recalling 1,000,000 reservists.


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