Recovery of the commemoration of National Maritime Day: August 21 or September 23?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -In Indonesia, warning maritime day National has two versions, namely the anniversary on August 21 and September 23. So, where do these two dates come from and which one is the correct one?

Commemoration of Maritime Day Purpose

The basis for the commemoration of Maritime Day in Indonesia is usually based on the geographical conditions, namely that two-thirds of the Indonesian territory consists of water.

In general, National Maritime Day is commemorated so that the public is aware of the marine and maritime potential of the Indonesian state. To reinforce this awareness and position, the government has established the 7 Pillars of the Global Maritime Axis. This is stated in Presidential Regulation Number 16 of 2017 regarding Indonesian Ocean Policy.

Simply put, the 7 Pillars of the Global Maritime Axis contain various policies and strategies related to Indonesia’s maritime affairs to become a maritime axis for the world.

National Maritime Day is commemorated on August 21

Compiled from various sources, the basis for determining August 21 as National Maritime Day is the event of August 21, 1945.

Four days after declaring independence, Indonesian troops were bombarded by Japanese naval forces from the coast of the Straits of Malacca to the South China Sea. Fortunately, the Republic of Indonesia Navy force managed to overpower the Japanese army even with simple equipment.

This historic moment serves as the basis for several organizations to commemorate August 21 as National Maritime Day.

National Maritime Day is commemorated on September 23

Although it is often thought and reported that this commemoration takes place on August 21, the posting of the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment or the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries on Instagram on 23 September 2018 corrects the date of the anniversary.

“In 1964 or a year after the first National Maritime Conference (Munas), President Soekarno issued a decree or SK number 249 of 1963 regarding the Maritime Day. The decree stipulates that September 23 will be the National Maritime Day. Thus, the maritime day is not in August, is it?,” Kemenkomarves wrote on his Instagram account @kemenkomarves.

So, officially, National Maritime Day in Indonesia is celebrated on September 23 every year, not every August 21.

The spirit of commemoration of Maritime Day is in line with Ir. Soekarno in 1953 cited the official website of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

Farah Quinn and her best friend pose on the Phinisi sailboat while vacationing in the Komodo Islands. Quinn

“Try to make us a seafaring nation again. Yes, the seafaring nation in the broadest sense. It’s not just being squatters on the boat, is it? But the maritime nation in the sense of the firmament of the ocean. A nation of sailors who have a commercial fleet, a nation of sailors who have a military fleet, a nation of sailors whose activities at sea keep pace with the waves of the ocean itself,” Bung Karno said. maritime day the.

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