The deal with Qatar has failed! Despite kneeling, he disappointed Habek’s elders

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Not much announced gas has materialized from Qatar – it appears that no German energy company has reached a deal with a supplier from the Gulf state. Was Robert Habeck’s trip in vain?

MUNICH – Some are surprised, some are brave: as Minister of Economy Robert Habeck He flew to Doha in March, shook hands with sheikhs and even bowed to Qatar’s energy minister. “Now you have to talk to partners who have their own characteristics,” said the green politician at the time. The message was that he had no other choice. And the trip seems to pay: a “cool” Totally agree on the energy partnershipHabek announced. More than that: Qatar is open to renewable energy and long-term climate protection. Now, nearly five months later, the deal seems long forgotten.

Despite kneeling in Qatar, has the liquefied gas agreement exploded?

The message fell by chance, what is it Habik a week ago in Bayreuth a crowd of angry protesters demand. The economy minister reportedly said, “The people of Qatar have decided not to put on a good show.” image He said during his summer tour. “And the companies that were there then were getting gas from elsewhere now.” So the deal with Qatar, which was so popular, exploded. It is unclear how long Habek was aware of this.

In March, Habek endorsed Qatari Energy Minister Saad Sherida al-Kaabi. © Bernd von Guterczynka / D

EnBW, RWE, Vattenfall, E.On and Lex Uniper but without contract with Qatar

At the request of our editor, the Federal Department of Economics was unable to comment on or confirm Habeck’s statement. Only so far: the federal government itself does not conclude any contract with the supplier country. “The company made the contract, and you should ask the company if the contract was made here and on what terms and conditions,” a company spokesperson said. search by Focus on the Internet This shows that no major German energy companies like EnBW, RWE, Vattenfall, E.On and Lex Uniper have signed contracts with suppliers from Qatar.

Therefore, Habic’s “energy partnership” with Qatar is symbolic: neither the delivery date nor the precise quantity of gas are specified. In contrast, Italy recently struck a multi-billion dollar deal with Qatar. A month ago, state energy supplier Eni announced a contract with Qatar Energy for a major liquefied gas project. The two countries have wanted to cooperate for 27 years.

According to the Department of Economic Affairs, the federal government is trading with several states that can temporarily supply gas or hydrogen. “That includes Qatar, but also many other countries like Norway, Canada and the United States,” he said. The utilization rate of natural gas storage facilities in Germany is currently just over 70%. A new law stipulates that German storage facilities must be at least 75% full by September 1. On October 1, it should be 85% and on November 1, it should be 95%.

Power cut for heating

based on image The government fears that millions of homes will experience heating failure in winter if gas becomes scarce. It is the result of an informal transition conference between Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt (SPD) and the chancellors of the federal states. The concern is that the pressure in the gas network will drop once there is a shortage of gas. As a result, geysers can explode, and locals have to hire craftsmen to help get them back into service.

Kirsten Andrea, president of the Federal Federation of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), warns against harassment: “Residential customers are protected customers,” he told our newspaper. They will be the first to be supplied with gas in an emergency. Andrea sees the greatest danger in the fact that many people now buy fan heaters out of fear. “Due to the very high power requirements, these devices not only increase costs, but also overload the power grid,” he said.

Number A member of the government who is currently as popular as Robert Habeck. It had nothing to do with his artistic decisions. But how did he transport them?

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