The Gresik Special Economic Zone is officially operational and is expected to absorb many workers

TEMPO.CO, Jakartathe government said special economic zone (SEZ) Gresik officially operated by Decree of the President of the National Council of SEZ No. 1 of 2022 on November 8, 2022. Gresik SEZ is expected to become a new economic center for the province of East Java.

The inauguration of the ZES Gresik was also carried out symbolically by the delivery of a Decree and an Official Certificate of Operation by the Deputy for Coordination of Regional Development and Land Use Planning of the Ministry of Coordination of Economy Wahyu Utomo and Acting Secretary General (Plt.) of the National Council (Setdenas) KEK Elen Setiadi, Sunday, November 20, 2022.

“Each SEZ which is established by government regulation shall be declared operational for a maximum of three years, while for KEK Gresik within a year it can be determined,” said Plt. SEZ Secretariat Elen Setiadi in an official statement in Jakarta, Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

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He explained that the results of the field verification showed that the SEZ Gresik had met the operating standards, so it was hoped that the area could continue to be progressive and achieve various existing objectives.

The SEZ Gresik has been declared ready for operation according to the results of the assessment carried out by the Deputy Governor of East Java, the General Secretariat of the CEC National Council and the members of the East Java SEZ Regional Council. Some of the aspects that become assessment materials include facilities and infrastructure, institutions and human resources (HR), and administrative controls.

In addition, the operation of the Gresik SEZ has also had a positive impact on the Business Entities (BU) and Commercial Actors (PU) of the Gresik SEZ in the form of the right to use the facilities and convenience. ultimate which is KEK’s specialty.

Tax facilities that can be used include: tax holidays, tax allowances, free of import duties, and others. At the same time, non-tax facilities can take the form of facilities in the areas of employment, land, immigration, environmental facilities, as well as support for integrated infrastructures.

In addition, Elen said that the third step after the first step was in the form of determination and the second step, namely exploitation, the main and important thing was to fill the area.

“With superior Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) and population, East Java, which is the location of Gresik SEZ, is the economic hub of Indonesia and of course the role of SEZ in this one is very important. With the condition of the surrounding large population, Gresik SEZ should become the employment base,” he said.

The SEZ, which is built on an area of ​​2,167 hectares, is expected to contribute to the national economy by achieving several goals, such as making investments of 6.7 billion dollars, increasing the value of exports to US$12.7 billion per year and import substitution reaching US$9.05 billion ultimate once fully operational.

Then also thanks to the employment in the first five years of up to 42,000 people. SEZ Gresik should also be able to increase human resource capacity through the development of vocational educational institutions based on the technological study programs at secondary (SMK) and higher levels.

For information, SEZ Gresik also has a reference investor, namely PT Freeport Indonesia. The presence of PT Freeport Indonesia with earth breaker which was carried out in October 2021 by President Joko Widodo, is expected to attract various other industries and copper-derived industries to invest in SEZ Gresik.

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