The perpetrators of the second stabbing in Canada have been arrested

Saskatchewan: The second suspect in the mass knife attacks in Canada has been arrested. Arrest ends hunt for one of two stab wounds that left 10 dead

“Myles Sanderson was found and taken into custody near Rosthern, Saskatchewan,” police said in a statement. The New York TimesThursday, September 8, 2022.

“There is no longer a public safety risk associated with this investigation.” Rosthern is about 80 miles southwest of the indigenous community where most of the attacks took place.

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In videos and photos uploaded to social media, at least a dozen police SUVs can be seen on the side of the freeway, with the vehicle coming to a stop in a ditch outside the freeway.

The news came shortly after authorities released the names of those killed in Sunday’s rampage.

The list of dead includes Earl Burns, 66, a school bus driver in an Aboriginal community who, injured in a knife attack, managed to board the bus and drive to the village to get some assistance. He died on the way and the bus veered off the gravel road. The bus was still there, hanging in the ditch with the police car beside it, covered in road dust.

Burns was just one of six extended family members killed in the stabbing attack on Sunday, September 3. Meanwhile, according to court records, the Sandersons are also part of the family.

The 32-year-old is the husband of Earl Burns’ daughter, and he told the parole board which granted his early release from prison this year that he intended to find her. He and his brother, Damien, have both been officially charged with the attack.

Damien Sanderson, 31, was found stabbed to death on Monday September 4. It was likely that Damien had been stabbed by his brother.

At James Smith Cree Nation, a nature preserve that bore the brunt of the attack, residents on their porches rejoiced when word spread that the hunt was over.

“They caught him, they caught him! some said while kissing.

“There’s a real sense of relief,” said Shania Peters, 22, whose grandmother Gloria was killed in the attack. “A lot of people will sleep better tonight,” he added.

On Wednesday, in addition to releasing the names of the dead, authorities detailed the condition of 18 injured people, including Burns’ wife, Joyce. Ten are still hospitalized, including three in critical condition, according to the Saskatchewan Health Authority. All but one of the victims lived in James Smith’s Cree Nation.

This wasn’t Earl Burns’ first confrontation with Myles Sanderson.

In January 2015, according to court records, Sanderson was charged with attempted murder after police said he repeatedly stabbed his stepfather with a knife and injured his stepmother. The records do not provide a reason for the attack.

Six of those killed on Sunday were members of the Burns family. Some are in their twenties, at the start of their adult life. Others are older, enjoying their retirement.


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