UK Foreign Secretary discusses dress rules with Qatar at 2022 World Cup

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly satirized treatment of Qatar as host World Cup 2022 towards the guests, especially on how to dress. Football fans wearing rainbow outfits have reportedly run into trouble before.

Cleverley on Tuesday November 22, 2022 said the rules regarding clothing for football fans when entering the stadium were under the authority of football authorities. However, Cleverley confirmed that he had discussed the matter with Qatari officials.

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“I have just returned from Qatar. We have raised the issue that Qatar is a hospitable host and Qataris really want to do this (hospitality),” Cleverly said after traveling to Qatar to attend the ceremony. 2022 World Cup opener and watch England’s premiere. Game.

WAG players from England carried suitcases when they left for Qatar. Photo: NB PRESS LTD

Cleverly assured that his party will ensure that English and Welsh football fans who find themselves in Qatar can enjoy football and have the freedom to be themselves with a sense of safety and protection when expressing themselves.

A number of football fans and journalists said they were asked by stadium security staff to remove their rainbow hats and shirts. Usually they wear the clothes as a form of support for the LGBTQ community. Homosexuality is not legally permitted in Qatar.

FIFA has been inundated with criticism from groups representing the community LGBT+after threatening the team with disciplinary action for highlighting equality and human rights issues in Qatar.

As confirmed in a joint statement from the football associations of their respective countries, the captains of England, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark will not wear the “OneLove” armbands. ” during the World Cup because of pressure from FIFA. Following the announcement, grocery store Rewe said on Tuesday it had suspended advertising with the German Football Association.

Fifa threatened to issue a yellow card to any player wearing the armbands of the colors introduced to support diversity and inclusion.


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