Ukraine calls on Canada to rescind permission to ship Nord Stream 1 gas turbine to Russia

On the other hand, Ukraine’s call to stop the return of turbines that have been repaired by Canada runs counter to the wishes of Europe, especially Germany, which fully supports the return of turbines because they are needed to transport gas from Russia to their country.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada, Yulia Kovaliv, on Sunday (8/21) accused Russia of using turbines as a tool to intimidate Europe. He also reiterated Ukraine’s position to strongly condemn the return of wind turbines.

“Our position is quite clear, we believe that this waiver (from the sanctions) should be canceled and for the moment we are sure that Russia will not accept the turbines,” he said, quoted by Anadolu Agency.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus pledged to support and protect Ukraine’s peace and security in Europe and around the world, as well as to address the broader global impact of the illegal invasion of Russia.

Initially, Canada’s Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinso said Canada was continuing to consider Ukraine’s request to stop the return of Gazprom turbines to Russia. But now his party also sees that Europe also needs energy supplies in the midst of this crisis.

The Canadian manufacturing plant in Montreal is the only one capable of repairing the turbines of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which carries gas from Russia to Germany.

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