Visit of Canadian warships to Indonesia linked to Chinese tensions in the Taiwan Strait?

Previously reported, the Joe Biden administration plans to formally ask Congress to approve a $1.1 billion arms sale to Taiwan, which includes 60 anti-ship missiles and 100 air-to-air missiles.

city ​​of PoliticsWednesday (8/31) the news comes as China continues to send warships and planes to the Taiwan Strait on a daily basis, days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan – an island claimed by China – and condemned Beijing’s attempts to bully Taiwan.

In response to Pelosi’s visit, China staged a massive military exercise that had never happened before. The exercises took place around Taiwan and there were missile launches around Taiwan.

Once the Biden administration formally confirms the notice, the Democratic and Republican heads of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee will need to approve the sale before the sale is officially finalized. finalized.

U.S. lawmakers will likely approve the sale, but the process could be long and drawn-out, given the ongoing congressional suspension.

In this regard, the representatives of the committee of the two parties did not immediately respond and commented a lot.

This was done by Joe Biden as part of the United States’ commitment to support Taiwan and the pursuit of democracy in Taiwan, after US lawmakers successively traveled to Taiwan for a visit in August 2022.

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