World Cup 2022: Why do footballers spit on the pitch?

TEMPO.CO, Doha -Event World Cup 2022 in Qatar has started and has captured the attention of the global audience because it is getting more and more exciting. Until yesterday there were 2 big upsets when Saudi Arabia beat Argentina and the German giants lost to Japan.

If you have watched multiple matches or are football fans like Premier League, Spanish League and all leagues, you might have seen players spitting on the pitch multiple times while playing.

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Has it ever crossed your mind, why we often see them spit In the field? The following is an explanation taken from a scientific journal cited by India time.

What’s up with thickened saliva

According to several studies, exercise increases the amount of proteins secreted into saliva, specifically a type of mucus called MUC5B that makes saliva saliva becomes thicker and harder to swallow.

Dr. Udit Kapoor, a senior consultant at Asia Hospital, told Indian Express that saliva in the mouth thickens during strenuous physical activities such as football matches.

“There is a special type of mucus called MUC5B that makes saliva thicker and therefore harder to swallow. So, it is better to spit it out,” he explained. This is also the reason why footballers, cricketers and rugby players are allowed spit In the field.

Although it is not yet clear why a person produces more MUC5B during exercise. It is said that this could be due to them breathing more through their mouths so that the mucus prevents the mouth from drying out.

Moreover, former Nigerian national team goalkeeper Joseph Dosu said footballers spit because “they need something to clear their throat…they run maybe 10 to 15 yards and they need air to breathe”.

Many other explanations have emerged. Some claim it is a tactic to intimidate opposing players, while others think it could be a sign of a case of OCD. This is why we sometimes see footballers spitting, including of course in World Cup 2022.


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