Canada vs Bahrain National Team Pre-World Cup Trial This Friday, why wasn’t Alphonso Davies called up?

TRIBUNKALTARA.COM – It is scheduled that on Friday (11/10/2022) the Canadian national team will face the Bahrain national team before taking part later in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Canadian national team also released an announcement regarding the national team players nicknamed The Reds who were brought in during their visit to the Bahrain national team headquarters.

One of the mainstays of the Canadian national team, Alphonso Davies was not on the list of players The Reds brought against the Bahrain national team.

Was it because Alphonso Davies had a muscle tear?

As is known, Alphonso Davies had bad luck when he defended the team where he currently serves, namely Bayern Munich.

In plain sight, Bayern Munich’s match against Hertha Berlin at the Olimpia Stadium on Sunday (06/11/2022) went very well.

Indeed, the appearance of Alphonso Davies, who became the starting lineup at the time, was enough to satisfy the Bayern Munich coach.

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Canadian National Team winger Alphonso Davies. (Instagram / @canadasoccer) (Instagram / @canadasoccer)

However, a rather surprising incident occurred in the 63rd minute.

Where, the Bayern Munich full-back limps and complains of leg pain.

Forced, Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann took Alphonso Davies off the pitch.

We can also see that when he left the field, Alphonso Davies was limping.

Bayern Munich’s victory at that time had to be paid dearly, because the player who could also play as a winger had to be injured.

It was like being struck by lightning in broad daylight when the Canadian national team learned that their full-back, Alphonso Davies, had suffered an injury while playing for Bayern Munich.

The news of the injury of the young player of the Canadian national team, Alphonso Davies, understandably surprised the national team nicknamed Les Rouges.

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