Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau deletes a fake tweet claiming that Iran has been sentenced to kill 15,000 people

Claims that the Iranian regime is executing 15,000 people have been swirling on social media platforms for days and Trudeau was one of the main figures to fall in love with her.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement confirming that the tweet had been deleted based on an “initial report” which “lacks the necessary context”, stopping short of apologizing for the error.

“This [tweet] based on reports of grave concerns expressed by international human rights advocates warning of possible future sanctions, including the death penalty, imposed on the thousands of Iranian protesters detained by the regime,” said a government spokesman. .

In a now-deleted tweet, Trudeau said, “Canada denounces the Iranian regime’s savage decision to sentence nearly 15,000 protesters to death,” Trudeau’s now-deleted tweet read.

“These brave Iranians are fighting for their human rights – and we continue to unite to support them and unite against the heinous acts of the regime,” he added.

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Not only Trudeau, Hollywood celebrities such as Sophie Turner and Viola Davis also propagated and reinforced this hoax. However, the claim that 15,000 people were sentenced to death is objectively false as there is no supporting evidence.

An Iranian court, however, handed down its first death sentence on Monday in connection with the recent protests. The protesters were reportedly punished for “enmity towards God” and “spreading corruption on Earth”.

However, according to state media, the verdict is still preliminary and the unnamed person has the right to appeal to a higher court.

As reported by WION, Trudeau has actively campaigned against the Iranian government since the death of 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini, which sparked the nationwide protests.

Last month, Trudeau marched with demonstrators in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, and protested against the Iranian regime.

“We will support you. I will walk with you, I will hold your hand. We will continue to support this beautiful community,” Trudeau said, before ending his speech by shouting Persian slogans while clenching his fists.

The Canadian government has also sanctioned senior Iranian officials on several occasions over the past month over the regime’s “gross and systematic human rights abuses”.


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