United Kingdom-United States-Canada at the end of the G20, Sri Mulyani opens the voice

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Britain, the United States and Canada walked out of the G20 meeting in protest at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati opened her voice.

As is known, on Wednesday (4/20/2022), finance ministers and central bank governors held a series of meetings in Washington DC, USA, as a follow-up to the G20 meeting.

Sri Mulyani explained that the meeting brought together G20 countries including Ukraine and international and regional organizations. The meeting, Sri Mulyani said, was held in a difficult situation, amid still high geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which also impacted countries outside Europe.

“Members expressed deep concern over the humanitarian crisis, the economic and financial impact of the war, and called for an end to the war as soon as possible. Many members condemned the war as unwarranted and unjustified, and as a violation of international law”, Sri Mulyani explained during a virtual press conference on Thursday (21/4/2022).

At this meeting, it is known that representatives of the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada withdrew while the Russian delegation spoke at a meeting in Washington.

In response to this, Sri Mulyani explained during the consultation and communication session preceding this meeting that Indonesia, as the G20 2022 Presidency, understood that there were several scenarios on how the G7 countries would react to what Russia had done to Ukraine.

Sri Mulyani asserted that the walkout made by the three countries at this meeting did not interfere with the series of events at all. He considered it a natural thing to express his opinion.

“So in this case, it’s not too surprising for all of us, especially for us as presidents, and I don’t think it will cause any problems in our discussion, which is also related to the substance itself- same,” said Sri Mulyani.

The member countries of the G20, including the invited countries, in this case Ukraine and international organizations, and some of the members who talk about global economic risks and must be immediately mitigated.

“It is interesting to note that despite Russia’s strong condemnation of the war in Ukraine, all members actually underlined the need for us to be able to continue to maintain cooperation with the G20 and the importance of multiculturalism,” he said. he declared.

“I think it’s good and it’s widely recognized and openly expressed by all the members. Because I think the members of the G20 see the responsibility of the group, it’s so that we can solve the problems that are systemically important to the global economy,” Sri Mulyani said. .

Although, Sri Mulyani continued, several parties have used provocative terms in the current situation. Where the pandemic is not over, the recovery is still very fragile, facing supply chain disruptions, and now war – making the economic situation even more strained.

Nevertheless, it is the provocation that should motivate policymakers to be able and continue to support and mitigate problems in the ongoing economic recovery.

“So in this case, I think it is more interesting that all members of the G20 see it as a very important forum as the main economic cooperation, and should continue to coordinate and collaborate together,” Sri Mulyani said. .

“I think it is a natural thing to say during the meeting. But it will not interfere with the role of the G20 forum,” Sri Mulyani continued.

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