Want to go around the world, this car even sank in the Arctic Ocean


Torfi Birkir Johansson’s Ford F-150 sank due to a bad path through the ice in Nunavut, Canada. Photo/Car Transglobal

JAKARTA -Torphy Birkir Johannsson, driver professional from Iceland, not an ordinary driver. He is one of 18 selected drivers who are members of Transglobal Car.

This organization is not an ordinary organization. Because Transglobal Car is a place where professional drivers test various special vehicles prepared to perform extreme journeys from the North Pole to the South Pole.

“Their main objective is to determine where the car can be taken,” Transglobal Car wrote on its official website.

This is what prompted Torfi Birkir Johansson to take part in Transglobal Car’s latest mission. Eighteen pilots, including Torfi Birkir Johansson, stepped on the accelerator earlier this year from a Canadian region near The North Pole towards the South Pole.

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Torfi Birkir Johansson drives a Ford F-150 that has been specially modified by Arctic Trucks. The modifications given are not ordinary modifications. The reason is that Arctic Trucks has prepared special equipment to be able to engage in various difficult terrains. Including ice road terrain found at the North Pole and South Pole.

The journey from the North Pole to the North Pole was not as easy as one might think. Because when he was in the region of Nunavut, on the island of Tasmania, in Canada, a disaster occurred. The Ford F-150 driven by Torfi Birkir Johansson crossed an icy road which he found very strange. “I immediately thought that it was not an ice road but a layer of ice that was above the sea. I had to think quickly because other cars could also get stuck”, remembers Torfi Birkir Johansson.

As predicted by the car, the ice cap was immediately destroyed by the weight of the car. Fortunately, Torfi Birkir Johansson and his four colleagues managed to escape. Instead, the car he was driving immediately sank in the Arctic Ocean.

Interestingly, Transglobal Corp. did not want to drop the incident. Instead, he tried to help Torfi Birkir Johansson recover the American-made pickup.

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