Canada can’t get a New Jersey at the 2022 World Cup, what’s the reason?

As other countries showed off their new shirts for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Canada had to swallow the bitter pill that they couldn’t wear their new shirts at the world’s most prestigious soccer tournament. dubbed the team, The Canucks The Reds they should be forced to use their old jersey which they have been wearing since 2021.

Whereas world Cup 2022 is a special event because Canadians have been waiting for it since 1986. So why can this happen?

Canada should not qualify for the World Cup

reported from Athleticismwithout predicting that Canada will qualify for World Cup 2022 rumored to be one of the reasons why Alphonso Davies et al couldn’t get a new shirt. Considering that since signing a contract with Nike in 2018, the Canadian national team is only ranked 78th in FIFA, just two places above Curacao and is a team that is only ranked 8th in CONCACAF, so it has to go through a fairly long qualifying phase. . But what Nike and football watchers predicted was wrong, Canada was actually able to appear regularly in qualifying and qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

Jersey making time is not short

Based on information from Nike, they said it took 18 months to make a new jersey, especially for the World Cup. So at least the teams using Nike jerseys have to go through the kit design process from March 2021. However, during this month the Canadian national team is still in the process of qualifying for the World Cup. from the CONCACAF zone, so she didn’t have time to design a new shirt. .

After it was confirmed that he would not be getting a new jersey for the 2022 World Cup, it turned out to have been met with disappointment from various parties, both the players and the national team supporters. Canadian.

“I think every team should get a new shirt for the World Cup because it’s a symbolic event. I don’t hate it, but I want to have a new shirt, because it’s something to respect.” said Sam Aboge to Athleticism.

“Meanwhile, a star player CanadaJonathon David was seen covering the Nike logo in protest as he celebrated his goal in the game against Qatar last weekend.

Fans The Canucks The Reds also says the same thing. They consider the moment of the World Cup to be an important and historic moment, it is normal for their national team to get a new shirt, especially since it is a participation that they have been waiting for for 36 years. .

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