Foreign Office confirms news of death of 2 Indonesian students in US and Canada

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirm reports of two Indonesian students dead in the United States of America and Canada.

The two students are Timothy Dien who studies at Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado, USA, and Grace Karundeng who studies at Humber College, Toronto, Canada.

Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah said Indonesian officials in the United States and Canada cooperated with local authorities to handle the two cases.

“There has been manipulation from relevant parties in the local country and also from the family. Indonesian representatives in Los Angeles and Toronto have been coordinating with the family,” the spokesman for the Indonesian ministry of affairs said. Foreign Affairs, Teuku Faizasyah, to CNNIndonesia.comTuesday (11/1).

The news of the death of Timothy Dien was also relayed by the Campion Academy Instagram account.

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce that one of our Campion Academy students, Timothy Dien, passed away of unforeseen and as yet unknown causes on Friday, January 7, 2022,” the Campion Academy account wrote, ( 9/1).


So far, Timothy and Grace’s cause of death is unknown. According to reports circulating, the two students were both from North Sulawesi, but Faiza admitted she was not sure which province they were from.

Also contacted Indonesian Ambassador to Canada Daniel Tumpal Simanjuntak and Budi Kurniawan Supangat, Consul for Protocol and Consular Functions at the Indonesian Consulate General in Toronto, but did not respond.


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