RIF Pandeglang program claims to improve community economy

PANDEGLANG – After a year of implementation of the third phase of the Responsive Innovation Fund (RIF) programme, the Pandeglang Regency Rural Development Innovation Program will soon end.

The Responsive Innovation Fund (RIF) is a partnership fund program between the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of National Development Planning (DPP)/BAPPENAS and the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada ( CMA).

According to Tanto, the Government of Canada’s Responsive Innovation Fund program is a rural development program aimed at improving the business climate, ease of investment and global economic development,” Tanto said during the visit of government officials. ‘Global Affairs Canada (GAC) at the Garuda Room.

“The local potential of Pandeglang Regency is very important and needs to be developed, with the RIF program, of course, it can improve the economy of the Pandeglang community,” Tanto said in his statement, Friday (2/9/2022 ).

“The government of Pandeglang Regency really appreciates this RIF program, hope it can make a real contribution to the economy of the Pandeglang community,” Tanto said.

Meanwhile, Global Affair Canada (GAC) representative, Melisa Go, said the RIF program is a component of the NSLIC/NSELRED project which aims to accelerate the acceleration of rural and regional development through local economic development.

He hopes that the people who benefit from this program will continue to be assisted by the regional government so that the economy of the Pandeglang community continues to improve,” he concluded.


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