Coronation of King Charles III as King of England, location to be scheduled

TEMPO.CO, JakartaKing Charles III will be officially crowned as the successor to Queen Elizabeth III at St. James on Saturday morning September 10, 2022. The coronation of King Charles III will be televised, a first in history.

The Membership Council meeting at 10 a.m. will swear in Charles as King of England. The oath as King will be publicly read by the Garter King of Arms outdoors from the balcony overlooking Friary Court in St James’s on Saturday at 11am.

This will be followed by a series of statements across the country leading up to tomorrow. Statements were also made in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales on Sunday.

The momentous event came after the death of Queen Elizabeth II aged 96 at Balmoral Castle on Thursday September 8, 2022. The death of Britain’s longest serving monarch has caught the attention of the together the British people and the world.

Britain has declared a period of mourning until Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral is over. Thousands of people gathered in the palace to pay their respects. Some of them shed tears while laying flowers.

“He’s amazing. She was like everyone’s grandmother,” said Kay McClement, 55, who came with a friend to lay flowers at Balmoral Castle.

Railway worker Liam Fitzjohn, 27, said he brought his daughter for the historic moment. “He’s everything we’ve ever known,” he said.

The routine business of parliament has been replaced by a special session allowing MPs to pay their respects to the Queen. The House of Commons will also meet on Saturday to approve a message of condolence to the king.

“Since the shocking news last night, we have witnessed the most heartfelt outpouring of grief for the loss of the late Her Highness The Queen,” Prime Minister Liz Truss told lawmakers.

“He is the rock on which modern England is built,” said Truss, whom Queen Elizabeth II named in her final public mission on Tuesday.

Since the end of last year, queen elizabeth The II had mobility issues. This forced the Queen to withdraw from most public activities. Her husband, Prince Philip, died in April last year.

In his speech, King Charles realized that his life was about to change. “It is no longer possible for me to devote so much of my time and energy to charities and causes that are close to my heart. But I know that this important work will continue in the hands of other trusted people,” he said.

He closed it with a direct message to his late mother. “Dear Mom, as you embark on your last great journey to join your late Dad, I just want to say this: thank you,” Charles said.

“Thank you for your love and devotion to your family and your nation over the years,” King Charles said.

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